New Holland CR9090 v1.2 "Washable"

- Washable
- New Hud German ()
- Swath / chaff
- Fuel level indicator
- Working light
- Pipelight (thanks to Tr3n3ro)
- Horn
- Green star
- Stvo (blinkers etc)
- Exhaust smoking
- Completely new cutting factory with fully animated particlesystem (Modder: Mario)
- New storpics
- New sounds (sound start, reverse sound, blinker sound)
- Cutting factory dare + stvo (blinker, etc.)
- Cutting factory gefixet dirtskin
- Fully adapted cutter AiMark
- Cockpit display (display for: warning light, light, arbeitslich pipelight)
- Helper adjusted
- Combine no longer swims
- And much more.

This mod belong to der-ls-treffpunkt©
Download: New Holland CR9090 v1.2 “Washable” []
Download: New Holland CR9090 v1.2 “Washable” []
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